7-Day Bonus Blast Promo

To help sustain play momentum among high-value lottery players, OLG wanted to develop a new cashback promotion, one with a memorable name to be rolled out on an ongoing basis.

Working with OLG’s casino retention marketing manager and a lead designer, I developed the name and all asset copy for 7-Day Bonus Blast, which has become one of OLG’s most successful lottery promotions of all time.


  • Promo Opt-in: 41% & Conversion Rate: 98%
  • An avg ROI of 74% from top two tiers of players
  • Launch & Reminder emails exceeded benchmark
    • Open Rate: 65.11% 
    • Click Through Rate: 22.27%
    • Click To Open Rate: 34%
    • Unsub Rate: 0.03%

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