PROLINE is Ontario’s sports betting brand—it’s what the football fan in your life plays at the corner store every Sunday. To keep pace with the growing digital world and head soon-to-be-legalized competitors off at the pass, OLG developed its own online sportsbook platform, PROLINE+, and modernized its in-store offerings at 12,000 Ontario retailers.

My work:

  • Led the development of PROLINE+/PROLINE/POOLS “How to Play” web and video content for and, managing reviews and approvals with agency, product, and legal teams
    • Collaborated on research and competitive evaluation to inform web structure and content
    • Lead copywriter and copyeditor, managing agency writers and synthetizing internal feedback
  • Led the integration of PlaySmart branding, How to Play content, and Sports Budgeting Tool into the PROLINE+ platform
    • Successfully lobbied for “How to Play” navigational page and pop-up messages for new players to support CSR KPIs and reduce volume of customer support inquiries
  • Consulted, managed, and implemented high-risk legal feedback, reconciling issues through copyediting sessions with Director of Legal Services

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