My PlaySmart

My PlaySmart puts slot and online players in control of their play.

Where other slot budget-setting tools were made to police problem gamblers with strict limits, My PlaySmart was created as an extension of customer service and loyalty programs, giving players helpful reminders and consequences only if they choose. 

The launch and rollout of My PlaySmart was a large sprawling project, spanning across Ontario and a complex stakeholder network. My overarching role has been to provide a user-experience lens, contributing as follows:

  • Executed research & jurisdictional/competitor scan of gambling “pre-commitment” tools
  • Informed the strategic brand positioning as a voluntary customer value-add as opposed to mandatory “policing” measure
  • Acted as subject matter expert to help determine requirements, scenarios and challenges related to policy objectives and user experience
  • Managed content development, reconciling legal concerns, technical realities, brand integrity, RG policy objectives, business objectives and user experience
  • Managed the communications plan and execution for pilot launch and successive site launches; created and coordinated communications, training and marketing collatera, etc.
  • Managed the post-launch re-branding of My PlaySmart into a more coherent “sub-brand” that lives within the overarching PlaySmart aesthetic 
  • Managed the refresh of PlaySmart’s online presence on, including the re-brand of existing online tools as My PlaySmart tools, increasing brand consistency across physical and digital play experiences