Zerey Bread

The Zerey family knows bread. They built a network of bakers and manufacturers over the past 25 years, but they had no brand, and no online presence.

Elie Zerey – owner of Zerey Bread – wanted a website he could direct potential clients to. Something professional, but still reflecting the warmth of dealing with the Zerey family. Nothing overly stiff or “corporate”.

I sat down with Elie to determine his site’s content structure, and after performing some competitor and keyword analysis worked through a couple rounds of revisions to provide final copy to Blacklime Media. Blacklime led the brand and web design process as I continued to consult.

Standing visually distinct from its competitors, Zerey’s is warm, friendly and professional. The website is easy to navigate and tells the Zerey family story while emphasizing what Elie’s potential clients care most about: price and product selection.

Client feedback: “Just wanted to say I am honestly very happy with what you have done. I’m not blowing smoke up your but[sic]. Even though I never thought there was fat to be trimmed, it seems like you found it and trimmed it. I love the changes you made in the network and services section. It’s a smoother description of what we do.”